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In this article, we'll look at 25 words and phrases that you can use for your own call-to-actions that will maximize your conversions, including explanations on when and why you should use each of them. "Get Started" is probably the most popular CTA in the Saa S space, and with good reason.

It's a highly actionable word that suggests your visitor will be able to move forward to using your product when they click.

If you have a prepared product demo, you can link to that, too.

Directing people to book (or view) a demo is a little more inviting than a CTA like "talk to a salesperson" or "contact sales".

As you can see in this example, Shwood uses "New" instead of "Shop" to direct their visitors to product pages.

This CTA is less actionable than "Shop Men's", but it does help tell visitors that they're shopping new arrivals to your store.

Though it's not the most appealing CTA, it can definitely help you increase the conversion rate of your signup page.

If your funnel is more sales-focused or sales-reliant, you'll likely benefit more from sending visitors to your appointment/demo-booking page than to any other page.

Think of it as the door to the next step of your marketing or sales funnels, where every click is a potential customer through that door.

Though it might be a little contrary to what I said in the previous point, sometimes you can afford to be more straightforward with visitors to your landing page or website.

A CTA like "Contact Sales" lets people know they'll be connected directly to a sales person through chat, call, or appointment.

As I mentioned earlier, "Free" is a great "flavor" word to add to your CTAs.

Having a free product or trial is a huge benefit, and can dramatically improve the click-through rate of your CTAs.

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