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Ramida Begum holds her 10-day-old daughter in their shelter in Kutupalang, an unregistered refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

'The military caught my husband and burnt our house down a week before I left Myanmar.

'I fled to Bangladesh because of fear, because I needed to save my children.

I was pregnant and suffering from fever while crossing the border.

'I reached the border at night and crossed by the boat.

Minara fled to Bangladesh from Nasha Phuru village in Myanmar with her husband and mother-in-law.The attacks were reportedly often carried out in groups, with women being held down or threatened at gunpoint by some men while others raped them.The report stated that more than half of the 101 women UN investigators interviewed said they were raped or suffered other forms of sexual violence at the hands of Burmese security forces.The Burmese government had repeatedly denied allegations of persecution against the Rohingya.Last week, the UN's human rights envoy to Burma expressed disappointment over a lack of government effort to tackle problems underlying the violence in the western state of Rakhine after completing a 12-day fact-finding tour.

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Fatema fled to Bangladesh from Jambuinna village in Myanmar two months ago after her house was burnt down by the military. 'Our situation is better than many other refugees as my husband Mohammad Alom works here as a day labourer.

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