Bring down the moon dating

The way you go along with the toxic way your family controls you, just so you can appease them.

That boss you're afraid to stand up to, the one who instills fear in you as a form of "motivation." Everything that's weighing you down, no matter what it is, will feel too heavy for you to ignore.

This will make the new moon all about thinking big — even bigger than yourself. How can I make a fulfilling change for myself that will make a positive impact on the world?

You'll be receptive to new ideas and they'll appear to you everywhere, like a huge net is trailing behind your soul, catching ideas like butterflies. This new moon is closely tied with Mercury, meaning that communication, the articulation of your thoughts, and exchanging ideas with others will be its central theme.

Now that I've sufficiently talked this new moon up, let's find out what it will mean for you: On Feb.

15, the new moon will be in Aquarius, the most eccentric and visionary of all the signs.

Virgo is a meticulous earth sign, concerned with details, organization, and planning.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a water sign that allows our emotions to pool on the surface, where we can really feel on them.

The going-nowhere relationship you're in, the one you just can't bring yourself to leave because you're afraid of being alone.

While new moons always symbolize a fresh piece of paper for you to write on or a new path that you can venture through, solar eclipses signify a new journey altogether.

Think of it this way: If your life was a play, a new moon is the next scene, but a solar eclipse is the next act.

You have plenty of time to gather the courage to make drastic changes to your life. Let your thoughts take full form before you act on them. And you, my dear, are just as magnificent and amazing as Rome.

Whenever you feel ready, formulate a plan to put these thoughts into action.

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This is why the Virgo full moon will force us to sort through our inner-most feelings and undergo important changes in our lives that will eventually make us happier individuals.

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