Boy meets girl still dating dad

Feeling sorry for him, she came to bring him bancha tea to help him feel better. While goofing around throwing clothes into the laundry basket, he answers the door to see Topanga.

Cory admits what he was up to, and Topanga is surprisingly understanding.He talks to Topanga at school on Monday, telling her it was not a date, but thanks her for her help in writing Amy a poem for Mothers Day.Cory remarks how Topanga knows a lot about women, to which Topanga replies that it is because she is growing into one.At the end tag of the episode, Cory and Shawn are sitting on the floor at school, talking about how they survived their first dates and are still best friends.Cory tells Shawn that they'll always stick together, and face things like second dates, proms, engagements, and marriages together, with Shawn agreeing.

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