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I am beyond upset because I followed the exact steps a representative told me to do.I had 2 insurance replaces phones, paid 0 deductible and neither it the phones worked properly with the network.Why is there no means to access my history particularly when I paid a fee for the service to maintain my history records.In addition, why am I not able to get a printout upon request from the account holder?Metro PCS previously operated the sixth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using CDMA technology.In 1998, Metro PCS filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and emerged from bankruptcy in 1998.

Although the company is a Delaware corporation, the Metro PCS corporate office is located in Richardson, Texas.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Metro PCS? I have been a customer for about 6yrs in Tacoma, Wa and I moved over to this part of the State and I have been treated poorly Everytime I have been in the local franchise.

Answer 1: The phone number for Metro PCS is (214) 570-5800. I have paid my bill every month that I have been a customer and I had an issue with my phone sending random calls and texts and emails to wherever.

The officer ignored the facts and wrote out the ticket.

This should have been no problem but I spoke with 8 customer service reps that were unable to provide me of a printout of my activity.

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I went into the Store in a panic because, My Daughter’s in Seattle in college and she was worried about the weird messages so I said to the employee can you please fix it and he said Nope and I said that I can get back in a day or two and I would buy a new phone and I asked him if he had a loaner phone and I said that I don’t need anything fancy but I needed some way to get a CALL from point A to point B .

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