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Central Avenue was the hub for much of this period.These national historic sites housed African American business and community organizations in the area, including the Lincoln Theater.

Author, philosopher, theologian, and educator Howard Thurman spent most of his childhood in this late 19th-century house.Thanks, so much, DM for the announcement of this couple’s marriage and their SITE link!Probably this marriage was publicized when it happened last year since he’s prominent, but I’ve just started up blogging frequently again after a quite long break.His influential work influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. Schooner Alligator can be found near the Alligator Reef Lighthouse on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Florida Keys, Florida.and provided the philosophical foundation for a nonviolent civil rights movment Florida Keys: USS Alligator Built in the Boston Navy yard in 1820, this warship saw duty in 18, patrolling the west coast of Africa on anti-slavery trade duty. This fort was once a place where runaway slaves lived alongside Seminole Indians.

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