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Havdalah is the Hebrew word for “separation.” In this class, we’ll introduce this Jewish religious ceremony that marks the end of the Sabbath.As the Sabbath ends, we prepare to engage the world for the Lord.How does one experience joy during times when life is tough?In his letter to the Philippians, Paul reveals how he found joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.Join us as we look to the Bible to discover God's plan for Israel, the Jewish People, the end times, and you.Studies of Revelation often revolve around speculation, distraction, and fear.

This weekend, Pastor Jimmy Evans concludes The Overcoming Lifeseries with a message titled “Overcoming Sickness” where he shares the biblical foundation for healing, why people get sick, and how God still heals.

But the main theme of Revelation is not the antichrist, the beast, or world chaos; it is Jesus: the Lamb who restores the broken relationship between God and mankind.

In this series we cover four topics that are silently killing students—anxiety, depression, fear, and shame.

This weekend, Pastor Jimmy Evans continues The Overcoming Lifeseries with a message titled “Overcoming Comparison” where he discusses the pitfalls of comparing ourselves to others and how to rise above it. Wayne and Bonnie Wilks, and staff family, teach about the blessings of the Sabbath over your family.

For six days we work and on the Sabbath we rest knowing that all provision lies in God’s hands.

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Is it just a word we say, or merely a nice thought?

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