Biblical guidelines for dating

For example, does a hug of greeting quickly lead to a make-out session?Recognizing personal healthy boundaries is the first step, but physical boundaries should be mutually established prior to physical contact.Boundaries for physical touch should be a matter of prayer and discussion.The partner with the stricter boundaries should set the norm for the couple.They are going to be dealing with the `dating issue' soon, if they aren't in the midst of it already. It belonged to my sister first, and was passed down to me.Dating: Guidelines from the Bible by Scott Kirby is a biblically inspired guide for young men and women, and single adults, on dating conduct and what God expects of us and wants for us. You would think that perhaps a book from the 70's would be somewhat out of date, but it is still right on the money.All that being said, there are certain physical boundaries that are clearly biblical.

Upon reading, and re-reading, it can renew a young man or woman's determination to stay pure and save sex for their wedding night.In the heat of the moment, it is difficult to stop a kiss that is later regretted.If both parties know the limits beforehand, maintaining boundaries becomes easier.To be intimate with someone is to be close to him or her, to reveal private information, to feel linked together.Intimacy includes emotional and spiritual connectedness as well as physical connection.

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With this in mind, let's explore some boundary guidelines.

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