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His conversations with close to 50 convicted criminals so far have led to insights on hubris and humility — not just in them but in all of us.

Eugene Soltes was flipping through television channels late one night in 2008 when he came across the MSNBC reality show/documentary program, “Lockup,” which featured interviews with felons in prisons across the U. The inmates described their lives and circumstances — such as financial troubles, drug addiction and gang affiliation — that led to their brutal and violent crimes.

We have worked very hard over the last 15 years to ensure that we give the best possible service to our clients and we always endeavour to go the extra mile wherever possible.

Payroll is like many other things, it can be done, or it can be done properly.

“The smaller — or less-wealthy investors — who were wiped out because of him, he saw as people that were just simply foolish to put all their eggs in one basket and give him all the money.

Or he would say they didn’t meet the minimum wealth threshold, so it’s the fault of the feeders’ funds for allowing those people to give the money in the first place but not his fault.

When you know and understand payroll the way that we do here at Nanny Paye there are many things that we can advise you of that will save you money.

So, it was like they gave him some money, he grew it, but then he took it away, so it’s no harm in the end. So, he was able to have some comfort because of how he’s able to view the world in that very particular manner,” Soltes says.

Soltes, a university business school professor, began to think about a different type of criminal — the white-collar variety — none of whom lived the harsh lives of the incarcerated who were profiled on “Lockup.” Many of these fraudsters lived extraordinarily comfortable lives, but their crimes adversely affected themselves, their families, employees, investors and companies. Driven by curiosity, Soltes began to write to several former executives who were serving sentences for fraud.

He asked them the first dozen questions that came to mind.

We have recently been quoted in the Financial Times and other broadsheets. A: Nanny Paye is one of only two nanny tax companies listed at companies house with a net worth of more than a few thousand pounds.

Net worth is a measure of the tangible worth of a business and a low balance may indicate a company running on empty with little in reserve.

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