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Arrange your first face-to-face encounter in a public place. That way if you find the spark just isn't there in person, you can bow out gracefully.

A coffee date or lunch is a good call and hey, if you hit it off, you can always let the date run on to supper or a movie.

You can use the call as an excuse to cut the date short if things go badly.

Make sure you have your own transport for the first date.

That's where you come in - love does, after all, conquer all - even temporary cash flow problems.

Only thing is, once the money transfer is done, the scammer will disappear like morning mist.

The team at Dating Buzz go to great effort to find, remove and make it difficult for them to join again.

Scammers are professional criminals and can be very adept at hiding their tracks.

Don't give out Twitter handles or friend potential matches on Facebook too soon and if you decide to move the conversation to email, consider creating an email address that doesn't reveal your full name.

Make sure at least one person knows where you're going, who you're meeting, and how long you expect to spend with them.

Get a friend or family member to give you a "rescue call" timed for mid-date.

The cardinal rule of online (and offline) dating is really quite simple - listen to your inner voice.

If something seems wrong or you suddenly feel uncomfortable or threatened, remove yourself from the situation. Most members of Dating Buzz are just like you - they're hoping to find someone special, and make a real connection, but just like any other facet of life, there's an occasional rotten apple lurking in the barrel, just waiting for a kind-hearted person to scam.

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