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In the Name of God Amen: I Joseph Chaplin of the towne of Rowley in the province of the massachusettes bay in New England being weake of body but of sound understanding do make this my last will and testament; as foloweth. John Fiske, chaplain, my son, is to sing for my soul for two years and is to have 20 marks and to the said Sir John 10 marks. Further I do substitute (sic) and appoint Jonathan Harris, Esq.

To my eldest son Joseph Chaplin I do order nine pounds to be paid in mony by them that I shall appoint my executors provided that he do aquit all claime to his uncle Nathaniell West estate that I am obliged by bond that he shall do and my will is Also that my two youngest sons John and Jeremiah Chaplin shall have all my housing and lands and meadows and my will is that my son Joseph shallhave an equal share with the rest of my children to be paid to him as money if he com for it; and giv4 a quittance according to my Ingagement for him a to the nine pounds above expressed els his part in my estate to stand obliged for it and my will is that my Daughter Elizabeth Chaplin shall have an equall share in my estate payd to her as mony out of my estate according to aprisement: my will is also that my son John shall have the sum of ten pounds accounted for his trade that was learnt in my time: And I do appoint my two sons John Chaplin and Jeremiah Chaplin to be my whole and sole executors of this my will and Testament; and as for the nine pounds above expressed enterlined before asignement and in testimonie of the truth of the about said I Joseph Chaplin have set to my hand and seal this thirteenth Day of April in the year seaventeen hundred and five I give and bequeath to my two sons Robert Wright and Joseph Wright, The tract of lands that I purchased of William Browning and not heretofore disposed of by me, to be equally divided according to quality and quantity. & John Gingles to be my lawful executors of this my last will & testament making void all others & of none effect by me or in my name ___________.

It is my desire that all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as practicable, out of any moneys that I may have on hand at the time of my death, or out of the first moneys that may come to the hands of my Executor whom I may hereafter appoint. Wright for and during his natural life, time and after his death to the use and benefit of herself during her widowhood and after her second marriage, provided she should marry again then to the legal heirs of her boddy, begotten of Joseph J. I give and bequeath unto my son Littleberry Wrights wife Salina D. Carolina giving thanks be to God & in my senses with my use of memory tho weak in body ___ (knowing) that I must die & also of the shortness little (?

To second son Samuell Tucker Woodson remaining part of land whereon I now live being about 60 acres; 1 negro girl named Betty, 1 feather bed & furniture, 1 fifth part of the Monys tobacco or Merchandise that is in England, on the Seas or lately arrived, four Rusha Leather chairs, 1 young horse roving about the plantacon where I now live, the foale of a mare called Rose., also 250 acres of land in Henrico Co. side of four mile Creek; being part of a Greater Dividend Granted to me by Pattent, also all the land lying in Burmooda hundred in Henrico Co. One huckaback Tablecloth and a Dozen of lining Napkins. My son William is to have lands in Cratfield and to pay my son Thomas 20 marks from the year when he is twenty-four, in installments. Executors: Johanne, my wife, and Symond Fyske and Thomas Fyske, my brethren. Proved 11 April 1508 by the widow, Joan Fyske, Simon and Thomas renouncing. To John Fyske, my son, and to his wife, 20, in help to pay debts he oweth to Wm. (Archdeaconry of Colchester [Somerset House, London], original will, No.Deed sent to Duncan Mc Laughlin, 28 October 1794, Vol II., p.75.17 April 1786, Benjamin Fitzpatrick of Fluvanna County, attorney for William Fitzpatrick of State of Georgia to John Depp of Powhattan County, Virginia; land in Fluvanna County, 400 acres on branches of Briery Creek, and branches of Cunningham Creek.I will and positively order that all my law be paid with my funeral chares.Item--all the remainder of my estate I will and bequeath to my well beloved wife Sarah Fitzpatrick during her natural life to be at will and disposal as she thinks proper and at her decease to will and dispose of this named at her pleasure to whom it pleaseth her heart to do.

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