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In the meantime, the fans will just be stuck interpreting and reinterpreting everything she says and does on social media.

Looking at Lauren Burnham's Instagram and Twitter accounts, it's hard not to wonder if Lauren B. She honestly hasn't posted much about her left after the show, but maybe less is more in this situation?Lauren also posted a screen shot from the wrestling date with the caption, "Being a GLOW girl is no laughing matter." Lauren also posted photos from that wilderness group date along with the words, "Will we survive this date this [email protected] & I weren’t so sure." It's possible that she feels strange posting about Arie because they are not together.Or maybe she is just scared about spoiling the fact that they are dating by not mentioning him in her social media captions.It is so tough finding concrete social media evidence about the outcome of .

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Jimmy Kimmel predicted on his talk show, to a poker-faced Luyendyk, that Martinez would be one of the last women standing.

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