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Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Remini aims to put an end to abuse in religions.

She wants people to “have a negative feeling about church abuse and people taking away their money and families.” The special will air after season 3 of Aftermath, which, by the way, is expected to really agitate the Scientologists.

Photo: A&E star Laura Prepon, 38, applied for a marriage license at City Hall.

(They already have a child together.) Masterson and Laura costarred on That 70’s Show and Ben Foster has been his best friend for years.

” Perhaps Lehrer assumes that rappers will now be clamoring for his services… Keanu’s character looks thrashed because he has so many messy stunts, while Halle looks better than ever.

December 17, 2004 to November 15, 2010 [contract]; October 18, 2011 to February 29, 2012 [recurring]; May 22, 2013 to May 24, 2013; August 7, 2015 to August 10, 2015; February 16, 2016 to February 19, 2016 [guest appearances] New York City Formerly the Marone Mansion, 68210 Rose Briar Place, Los Angeles, CA Formerly the Forrester guest house, 369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA Formerly an apartment above the Insomnia Café, Los Angeles, CA Formerly a beach house owned by Taylor Hayes, Malibu, CA Deacon Sharpe [Married: 2001; divorced: 2002] Nick Marone [Married: 2005; divorced: 2006; first time] Nick Marone [Married: 2008; divorced: 2008; second time] Nick Marone [Married: 2009; divorced: 2010; third time] Eric Forrester, Sr.

It all makes you WONDER if Danny’s other close friends (and 70’s Show costars) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are undercover Scientologists too!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News We love celebrities who love their dogs and aren’t too self-important to walk them.

You KNOW how Scientologists must marry within the “church” or bad things happen.

Ben is an undercover Scientologist while Laura is OUT.

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  1. In "Mummy in the Maze", Brennan exhibited ophidiophobia when confronted with snakes, but later only shows a moment of fright when confronted with another snake in "The Mastodon in the Room".