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Then they the shifted to the New York radio network and aired their show there.However, he is recent working own show "The Anthony Cumia Show." This radio personality and actor has an estimated net worth to be million dollars and also receives over million USD per year salary.Amazingly, the controversy led to an even bigger opportunity at WWE in New York City.This guy is the co-presenter of the show "Opie and Anthony" along with Gregg and Jim.

He has managed to grab the attention of fans due to his broadcasting skills.The domestic violence against his girlfriend was followed by his controversial act a year ago in 2014 which created consequences for him.In 2014, Anthony posted a series of comments which Sirius XM as ‘racially charged’ and ‘hate-filled,' which got him fired from the radio company.Caption: Anthony Cumia with his girlfriend Danielle Brand on August 27, 2015.However later, the 11 minutes video was shared on the internet which was a full version of Danielle’s recording of her fight where Anthony was desperately searching for his gun in his New York apartment.

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On December 19, 2015, Anthony Cumia had an argument with his girlfriend Danielle Brand that turned into a domestic violence which got the police department involved.

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