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Instead, it encourages them to score the date with – not wits or smarts – but gifts. Post an update like “Who wants to go surfing this afternoon?

Facebook profile photos of nearby singles appear randomly; users respond with an easy “like” or “nope” with the swipe of their fingers.

Every year, surveys thousands of singles in America to reveal some of the most notable details about our collective dating habits.

And today, they just released the results of their eighth annual Singles in America survey, which was distilled from data and information from over 5,000 singles across the U. And as you can imagine, a survey of five thousand people is And so, here are 10 things we learned about America's dating habits, including what constitutes as "good" sex, how we're all secretly fascinated by threesomes, and how a lot of us want to fuck a robot. First impressions are everything, so here are some important things to keep in mind:94 percent of women want you to compliment her appearance on the first date 90 percent want you to be waiting for her when she arrives84 percent are expecting a hug71 percent would love a sweet kiss on the cheek91 percent want you to insist on paying the bill (splitting the check is a giant no-no)For sex to be considered “good,” 83 percent of people said their partner needs to be caring and enthusiastic, 78 percent said good communication is absolutely necessary, 76 percent need you to be a good kisser, and lastly, 75 percent said the big O is a must. 68 percent of singles, including 73 percent of women and 63 percent of men, said they wouldn’t be into their date if he didn’t own a laptop.

The true intentions (“trints”), which can range from “let’s talk” to “coffee” to “romance” to “hookup,” aren’t revealed unless there is a successful match.

But singles can leave a hint if they’re feeling brave.

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