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I am sure there is many fake male profiles but I am not looking for a male so I am not checking into their profiles.I don't believe that woman would place a male profile, but if men can be conmen then woman could be conwomen.Quote "if you don't like it you can always delete your account." end of quote. And, again, your software is flawed, and if you only found one post from me under this ID, my point is proven.I have responded, under this ID, to about 3, maybe 4 other posts. We are after all simply human, Point is we learn from them and move on..

There has to be some kind of hoped for gain be it whatever it may be.

Many people just can't accept the fact that they got banned for breaking the rules.

Most of the poeple that are banned are in serious need of therepy and not a relationship.

I have also been told that the administration is only concerned with keeping the numbers up and the Police state that the forums are in is the doing of a few people now I do know that the Moderators have a hard job to do but it is unfortunate that certain moderators will ban based only on a personal dislike of the person or their veiws on subjects .

The Moderators then proceed to break the same rules they so visciously enforce for some while letting their clique get away with huge repeted indiscretions .

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. 35/yearoldvirgin Deleted for having 20 fake accounts, constantly harassing moderators and others.nodrogchavez, Management consists of me myself and I. Looking at the forum history this is the first and only post you've ever made. A person (claimed to be female) started a I am going to comit a suicide thread and had two other threats going at another site where the person (claimed to be male).

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