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But he warned against tarring all offenders with the same brush.

The tumor is being cut out right now with no anesthesia. #Me Too.'Damon's ex girlfriend Minnie Driver hit out at Damon for the comments earlier in the day.'God God, SERIOUSLY?

K., saying their crimes were on different ends of a spectrum.

Driver had no time for this, writing: ''Gosh it's so *interesting how men with all these opinions about women's differentiation between sexual misconduct, assault and rape reveal themselves to be utterly tone deaf and as a result, systemically part of the problem( *profoundly unsurprising).' To the point: Driver's fury was sparked by a wide-ranging interview in which Damon - who she dated for a year after they met on the set of Good Will Hunting 20 years ago - waded into the Hollywood sex abuse scandal In the interview which so infuriated Driver, Damon said he always knew that Miramax producer Weinstein was a 'womanizer', and while he had no idea of the rape and sex assault allegations when he worked with him, he wasn't entirely surprised.'I knew I wouldn't want him married to anyone close to me,' he said in an interview for ABC News' Popcorn With Peter Travers on Thursday. I mean, and that wasn't a surprise to anybody.'Dozens of women have come forward to accuse Weinstein of sexual misconduct in recent months.

And it is righteous.'Alyssa - who published a statement on her website about Weinstein last month - said that she has been a victim of every part of the sexual assault spectrum Damon described. And they are all connected to a patriarchy intertwined with normalized, accepted--even welcomed-- misogyny.'We are not outraged because someone grabbed our asses in a picture.

We are outraged because we were made to feel this was normal. We are outraged because we were silenced for so long.' Alyssa went on to compare the 'spectrum' to stages of cancer in that some are more treatable than others but it's still the same disease.

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K, who admitted and apologized for forcing women to watch him masturbate, was at the other end of the spectrum to Weinstein and should be treated as such. 'When you see Al Franken taking a picture putting his hands on that woman's flak jacket and mugging for the camera, going like that, you know, that is just like a terrible joke, and it's not funny,' Damon said. But when you talk about Harvey and what he's accused of, there are no pictures of that. I know the real story if it's my friend.'Damon did speak about director Ridley Scott's decision to erase Kevin Spacey from his upcoming film All the Money in the World after the actor was accused of molesting a number of men.

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