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Together with the much loved 44,396 ton “Ile de France”, the pair ran as running mates until it became clear that their days were numbered as a result from air line competition.

The “Ile de France” was withdrawn from service in November 1958, the same year that the first jet liner made successful leaps over the ocean liner.

Total passengers on this voyage was 1.704 passengers.

SS France arrives at Port Everglades at hours after having sailed a total of 939 nautical miles at an average speed of 26,30 knots.

The total passenger count carried by the SS France would therefore end at 701.886 passengers.

Knut Kloster, Chairman of Norwegian Caribbean Lines, announces to the world that he has purchased the former transatlantic super-liner SS France and that he intends to convert her to a warm water cruise ship.

On an early Sunday morning in 1941 while the "Normandie" was moored alongside pier 88 in New York for conversion into a troop ship, a welders torch lighted some lifejackets which had been piled up nearby.

When the fire started on February 9th only a scratch crew remained on board together with herds of workers doing the conversion from a luxurious liner to a troop carrying ship.

19.700 billions francs is funded by CGT while 7.660 million francs makes out the government subsidies to offset the difference between the French price and the International price.France performs her second around the world cruise, a voyage in which it was first announced (March 1974) that the vessel would soon be withdrawn from service, since French was no longer prepared to subsidize it's operating losses.The SS France had carried a total of 588.024 passengers on trans-Atlantic crossings and a total of 113.862 passengers on cruises.She departed Saint Maarten at hours in the evening.SS France returned to New York from her Noel Caribe Cruise, docking at Pier 92 North at hours in the morning.

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The “Liberte” remained in service in time for the new projected liner to take over the North Atlantic run.

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