Adult chat client

For example, if you wanted to send a message to Roomie, you would type: /msg Memo Serv SEND Roomie Hiya, sorry I missed you.

This way you will have the same password for all your nicknames and memo's sent to one of your nicknames can be read by ANY of your nicknames.

You must also ensure that the current Kinksters server rules are adhered to in your room.

To register your own channel, for example #My Kinky Channel, you should type the following: /join #My Kinky Channel /msg Chan Serv REGISTER #My Kinky Channel password The channel Kinky People use!!

After typing /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW, you will then have all your new memos listed and each is given a number.

To read them, type the following: /msg Memo Serv READ # Change "#" to the number of the memo you wish to read.

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