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But their migratory patterns do not include a family "road trip." Rather, the adult female is typically the first to depart in mid to late August.

Although she is still on the nest occasionally, the female's focus is now on feeding herself to build strength for the long trip ahead.

It took them hundreds of thousands of years, but eventually they migrated across all of Siberia and Northern Europe.

It has a longish fold of skin, referred to as the bell, that hangs down from its throat.

The bull moose has feet that are flat, hand-shaped, and palmated. The antlers stretch six feet across at their farthest.

Moose eat a lot of stuff, and it’s not what one would expect. When they are mating, in the autumn, bull moose might pick fights with eachother, and they might do so to win over the cows.

In the springtime, the cows give birth to one or a couple calves. They are hoofed animals, and like most of the hoofed animals, they are herbivores, or plant-eaters.

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