Access updating using linked tables error

Copying and pasting is the simplest method, but importing and linking offer you better control and flexibility over the data that you bring, and over how you bring that data into the destination database.

This article explains how to import or link to data in another Access database.

You cannot append records to an existing table during an import operation.

For more information about append queries, see the article Add records to a table by using an append query.

Right now the data type is Text, but if I use External Data Linked Table Manager and go through that process they update to Date/Time.

(I'd like to have a function that will flip between dev and production, so I don't consider the above route to be an option.) Access/VB isn't my strongest skill anymore, but from MSDN (this and this) it seems like "~TMP") Then Debug.

When you choose to import only the table definition, you get an empty table.

In other words, the fields and field properties are copied to the destination database, but not the data in the table.

I'm working with a legacy Microsoft Access database that we've recently updated to use linked tables/SQL Server backend. You might want to import data for example to create some tables that are similar to tables that exist in another database.You might want to copy the entire table or just the table definitions to avoid manually designing each of these tables.However, when I go to view my form of the information from the table the form does not show the same amount of records as the table or any updates that were made to the table.When I checked the Linked Table Manager I found that the table used to populate the form was not among the tables listed in the Linked Table Manager.

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I'm making some changes to the structure of the data and would like to programmatically update the linked table reference.

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