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You can do that in a formal interview too, of course — and one possible advantage to a real interview is that if you’re super impressive in it, you could potentially increase your ability to negotiate salary.

I’ve been in touch with someone at a company I used to work for about returning to work for them in a role almost identical to the one that I had previously (I left there seven years ago), but I’d now be working remotely (which is a key reason I’m interested in going back — I moved away and previously they didn’t support remote work but now they have a strong set-up for it).I decided to treat the group like a real organization.I put systems in place to handle the administrative aspects of finding hosts, teaching hosts how to throw a good event, and handling event registration.I was recently forwarded a great job opportunity — I fit the job description, have the necessary experience and degree required — and better yet, this job would bring me closer to my hometown and family.It would also be a career jump for me since I’m currently working in a position with no room for growth.

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  1. For example, having a heart attack might not impact your long-term care premiums, but having Alzheimer’s disease might. These include: Medicaid is a state and federal assistance program that pays health care and long-term care expenses for eligible people with low incomes.