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Community gardens often have their own by–laws and rules.

For example, "Thou Shalt Not Shade" is on Clinton Community Garden's list of commandments: "Trees are NOT permitted in garden plots. Even dwarf species have roots that can spread underground to a neighbor's plot, leaching the soil of nutrients and moisture.

Abandoned buildings, if they weren't already torn down, dotted the landscape, especially in Manhattan neighborhoods such as the Lower East Side, Hell's Kitchen, and East Harlem, and underutilized land sat fallow amidst widespread urban neglect.

A nonprofit environmental group dedicated to preserving urban gardens, the Green Guerillas, started in 1973 by lobbing "seed bombs" packed with fertilizer, seed, and water over fences around vacant lots where access was otherwise limited in an attempt to beautify some of these eyesores with greenery.

Volunteer opportunities abound, and there is often a plot available for you to use should you decide to participate.The group shared that which was grown on site and donated plants with other gardens across the city.In 1986, the Garden was dedicated Liz Christy's Bowery-Houston Garden, in memory of Christy, who died of cancer in 1985.Entertainer Bette Midler helped found NYRP in 1995 and has brought together neighborhood groups, city agencies, and even noted landscape architects to highlight the importance of open space in communities.The group works to remove debris from sites (especially in Northern Manhattan) and restore parcels of land, assist community gardens and gardeners, and raise funds to support these goals.

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