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My wonderful husband was always very supportive and understanding, but my self confidence was shattered internally.I felt self conscious and embarrassed during times of intimacy and was always concerned of odor when going out in public; although bathing was a daily task.Fowler in Phoenix, click on the button located above on the header above titled "Products for Sensitive Genital Skin." Order this collection of products and get underway! Holland, Michigan"I've suffered from vulvodynia for 35 years. I went to see three different gynecologists, a urologist, a chiropractor, tried acupuncture, special diets and physical therapy and nothing was working. Pacific Palisades, California"If I were to put it into one sentence, it would be "Dr. My only option was dwindling down to ending my life in the two years of hell I experienced before finally getting Dr. I had seen my general practitioner, 3 gynecologists, a urologist, and a pain clinic totaling over 80 medical appointments. I highly recommend to anyone from anywhere that you make that first step and call as it could change your life as it did mine. As a result, I'm 90% cured at 4 months and know I will reach 100% by continuing his plan for me. I've gotten used to the protocol and it's just part of my life now. It was too the point that my relationship was struggling and I was worried that it would be something very serious. My symptoms were vaginal itching, severe burning and rawness both internally and externally during and after intercourse.They will not cure the problem but could get you 30-40% better by stopping exposure to external irritants. Fowler to get your individualized vaginal/vulvar treatment.11. After battling chronic vaginal infection for nearly a year, I developed unprovoked vulvodynia. I've seen a plethora of doctors, so many I've lost count. I've spent enough money on homeopaths, natural-paths, acupuncture, physical therapy, supplements, shamans and allopathic doctors to buy a house. Meanwhile I had to take leave of absence from work because I was unable to sit for long periods of time because of burning. I was a guinea pig and prescribed 28 different medications, costing more than 00.00, none of which eased the endless suffering. This journey is not over, but I am seeing the light at the end of this dark long tunnel. My symptoms were always worse and seemed to be brought on by even the mildest intercourse.This is "THE PRACTICE" women rave about from all across the country. To my amazement within 2 days the itching stopped, for a few days I still had burning with urination on the 5th day that was gone too. Gilbert, AZ I had been having problems for many years. Fowler because my issue was making it hard to get ready and go to work, my sex life was extremely diminished, and even exercising and shopping were difficult to do at times. Fowler has provided me with small lifestyle changes and medicine for the vagina that have me feeling about 80% - 90% better at this point. I couldn't do anything physical, even walking was difficult. I tried to contact the office and they have a very unconventional way of scheduling an office visit so I was skeptical. I can now experience pain free intercourse, I no longer have to worry about struggling with constant yeast infections and chronic redness and pain. I know countless women who also suffer from chronic and recurrent vaginal pain and irritation in Canada and the US. Fowler and his clinic in Arizona are the professionals you NEED to see. At first the protocol seemed overwhelming but it turned out to not be so difficult to follow. Mesa, AZ For about 5 years I was suffering from extreme pain in my vaginal area and I went to specialist after specialist and kept getting diagnosed with yeast infections, lichen scleroses and then finally was told it was all in my head.Why do women come from so far away to get evaluated in Phoenix? It has been 8 weeks and after 20 years, I'm 100% better. Gilbert, AZI suffered for 30 years with vulvodynia, which included many episodes of intense burning pain. I have been seeing him for over a year and feel I'm about 80% better. I would highly recommend him if you are having unexplained vaginal pain. I wish I hadn’t have wait so long to make my initial appointment. It took a full year and after 2 vestibulectomies with other providers and numerous creams to finally find Dr. However, since I was desperate for a cure I continued through the online process of registering to become a patient. Fowler in November of 2017 and got on his personalized program. I came to see him about 3 years ago after seeing 7 others doctor about vaginal burning. I'm back on board and so very grateful for this amazing doctor! Trust in his diagnosis, trust in his process and when anyone asks if I would recommend Dr. I've just been on treatment for 4 month and I'm 100% free of symptoms. I was at the end of my rope and just kept hoping I could find someone to help me.That's why so many of you are told your tissues look normal and the "tests" all come back normal too. experience the difference and true hope for resolution of symptoms. The discomfort and pain make it difficult to focus at work and drain my energy making leisure activities less frequent. Fowler's protocol a year ago, I have been able to enjoy life again. It's now been 14 months since my first visit and I'm 90% better. It's been 5 months now since my first visit and I'm almost symptom-free! Fowlers card and said that she felt it was time for me to see him. If you are experiencing any issues that you feel Dr Fowler is able to treat, I can tell you first hand that it is worth it. I spent many thousands of dollars on numerous physicians, medications and alternative treatments.If you have external burning, itching, irritation and or dryness and wish to do something immediately before you have the opportunity to come see Dr. I had been suffering with vulvodynia for six months and had seen many different doctors with no relief. Every day I dwelled on how to end this horrible, all consuming pain I was experiencing. I no longer experience pain with intercourse and have begun taking part in the things which make my life enjoyable again. I can sit at work, play sports and do everything I want to do that I was unable to do before. I had been dealing with burning and itching for 2 years when I found Dr. Several gynecologists and Urgent Care physicians diagnosed me with Bacterial Vaginosis and I would take multiple rounds of antibiotics with no relief. Fowler, I got the correct diagnosis (non-inflammatory vaginosis) and began his regimen. There have been a couple of ups and downs but the downs have become more infrequent and according to Dr. It's very important to do everything he tells you to do. If you're suffering at all, please don't hesitate to see Dr. I was hesitant and read a lot of testimonials and googled his background before making an appointment. Fowler and his staff have made me feel very comfortable despite the pain. Every physician diagnosed me with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.

I was diagnosed with BV and yeast infections on multiple visits, but the treatment never left me with sustained relief. I saw vulvar specialists in Arizona for over 15 years with no permanent results. I went to countless doctors and was put on all kinds of medication that only masked the problem. I am so grateful that I came and will stay under his care. I had vulvodynia due to low estrogen and noninflammatory vaginosis that was giving me chronic yeast infections.

For the first time in seven years, I finally had answers that made sense!

I felt hopeful and excited to begin my course of treatment.

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